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Safety. Ability. Confidence

New gun owners are the reason why I started Swift Precision. After a successful 20-year career opening and operating restaurants that were customer service and community-focused, COVID-19 happened. This global experience changed everything, including the number of new gun owners in the community, and has been followed by layer upon layer of additional social unrest and awakening. After a few disturbing interactions and extensive conversations with new gun owners, I made the choice to open this company to provide top-notch customer service in a field that is not known for it. 

Firearms ownership and possession already stirs deep emotions in people and can be extremely intimidating. I didn't see a need to amplify those emotions by being standoffish or dismissive during your firearms training. New gun owners shouldn't feel embarrassed or apologetic for asking simple entry-level questions during firearms courses. They shouldn't be expected to have the same knowledge of long-time shooters. I have seen first-hand how this attitude towards new gun owners has suppressed people from asking the real questions, simply because they don't wish to feel foolish.  

Our promise to new gun owners is simple. We will never embarrass you because you lack knowledge of the subject matter. We will take the time to ensure that you are proficient with the subject matter and that you feel proficient and safe. We will strengthen your self-confidence in your abilities to safely store, clean, carry, and discharge that firearm if needed. As I said earlier, firearms can be intimidating enough. Your firearms instruction about safety and maintenance shouldn't be.

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